Boards and cyber security

How your board can minimise the risks of ransomware attacks

It’s important Board members stay proactive about ransomware to guard your business against attacks. Here’s what you can do.

Climate change

Only two-thirds of FTSE 350 companies have published plans to tackle climate change

The recent Boardroom Bellwether report surveyed the secretaries of the FTSE 350 to investigate how companies are responding to environmental issues.

NEDs joining SPACs

8 questions non-executive directors need to ask before joining SPACs

Joining the board of a SPAC may seem tempting but what are the risks and what questions should you be asking?

Practical answers to ESG questions for Boards

“They are liars or they’re just stupid and they don’t know”. This is how Arnold Schwarzenegger described those who still believe that “going green” is economically detrimental.

2022 wellness predictions for NEDs

Four 2022 wellness predictions that non-executive directors need to know about

We looked at the key emerging trends non-executive directors (NEDs) need to keep in mind in 2022, particularly in relation to wellbeing.

NEDs and high-growth startups-min

The challenges for non-executive directors joining high-growth start-ups

Startups need the experience that non-executive directors offer, but the role and relationship is different from working with larger companies.

Shining a spotlight on Africa in the climate change debate

When Vanessa Nakate, a Ugandan activist, was cropped out of a photo of young climate leaders that included the likes of Greta Thunberg, it sparked a debate about the discrimination experienced by many minority activists. Vanessa later said “a photo crop-out is an easy way to describe it but it’s really a metaphorical crop out from the narrative of climate science in general”…

Asking the right questions about ESG in the boardroom

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has declared the latest report on climate change from the IPCC to be “a code red for humanity”.  This latest warning highlights that environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues not only have a material effect on companies’ financial performance but go to the heart of existential risks facing business and society at large…

Transpire Strategy Faculty: Strategy for Boards Update…

Jean is one of the founding shareholders of Board Evaluation Limited. Originally from Mauritius and having had a fifteen-year career with Barclays Bank in South Africa in Retail and Corporate Banking, Jean emigrated to the UK in 1989 to take up a position as Assistant Corporate Director with D.C Gardner plc(Now part of Euromoney plc)responsible for banking and training consultancy internationally…

Open Session: Keeping Bias in Check on YOUR Board

Sharon Critchlow champions emotional intelligence in leadership, diversity and culture change for enhanced productivity and raises awareness, advocates and trains leaders and companies in wellness…