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Transpire Global Membership Packages

Foundation Monthly Plan
One-Off Registration £/€/$144
Monthly - €/$45Join Now
Including and get access to:
Board Career Plan
High Performing NED Tool kit
90 minute Coaching Session
Personalised Development Pathway
Transpire Faculties
Transpire Connect Community Platform
Up to 50 Member-only events per annum
Exclusive digital learning content
*Offer* Foundation Annual Price
One-Off Registration £/€/$144
*Special Offer* 12 Months for the price of 10 - Annual - €/$450Join Now
Group Add on
50% Member / FT Alumni discount available
One-Off Enrolment - €/$450Get started
Cohort-based, next Cohorts from January 2022
Stepping Stones new Board Member development programme
Next Steps experienced Board Member development programme
Next Steps – FT Alumni development programme
One-to-One Add on
Price on application
Board Ready CV coaching
Tailored 1-2-1 coaching
Role-focused mentoring

Why Transpire?

Transpire membership offers comprehensive onboarding and ongoing support to successful executives and Board Members who are looking to develop their board careers. We offer more than a one-off, static executive education programme. Instead, Transpire members receive ongoing, dynamic support including:

  • Members-only events facilitated by internationally recognised thought leaders
  • Wide-ranging learning and networking opportunities based on our unique Transpire Connect community platform
  • CPD accredited training covering the knowledge and skills demanded of today’s Board Members
  • Subject-specific faculties hosted by leading NEDs and Chairs
  • Annual “MOT” to keep your career plan on track

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