Preparing Your Board CV Coaching Programme

Get support from an experienced coach with our Preparing Your Board CV Coaching Programme.

Our Preparing Your Board CV Coaching Programme provides tailored support from a coach at Transpire. Each session is individually designed to meet your needs, whether you’re just getting started or already in an NED role.

Coaching for aspiring NEDs

Are you ready to turn your experience into a powerful story that will win you NED opportunities?

If you’re an aspiring NED, your Transpire coach will ensure you’re fully equipped to make the exciting transition from exec to non-exec. 

We can provide support with every step of the journey, including:

  • Creating a Board-ready CV 
  • Applying for your first NED roles
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Reflection on your first 100 days in the role

Coaching for established NEDs

Are you struggling to adapt to a strategic change or unsure of how to manage relationships in the boardroom?

For established NEDs, coaching sessions offer an invaluable opportunity to deep dive into your role. 

Transpire’s coaches have been through it all before – our coaching team has decades of experience working as NEDs. You’ll get the dedicated advice and support you need, so you can leave each session feeling confident in your next steps forward.

Our one-on-one coaching sessions can also offer help with:

  • Skills development
  • Mentoring
  • Long-term career strategy and planning


Want to find out more or book your first session? Get in touch with us here.