Stepping Stones

Make a successful transition to Non-Executive Director with Stepping Stones.

Our Stepping Stones programme gives you all the knowledge and insights you need to successfully move into a Non-Executive Director (NED) role.

By the end of the programme, you’ll understand what NED opportunities are right for you based on your experience and how to access them.

Stepping Stones is accredited by the CPD Certification Service to represent 20 hours of structured CPD

Stepping Stones is accredited by the CPD Certification Service to represent 20 hours of structured CPD

Step one: Meet an NED

Meet an established NED, typically one of our Faculty Leads. You’ll have the chance to tap into years of experience and find out how they’ve built a successful career.

Not sure how you’ll fit all your questions into one session? No problem – you can continue the conversation via the Transpire Community Platform.

Step two: The basics of corporate governance

Corporate governance is the structure of rules and processes used to manage a company. As a Board member, you’ll play a key role in influencing corporate governance.

This session will run through the basics of corporate governance, so you have a clear understanding of what’s involved. Our guest speakers will also bring you bang up to date with current governance issues, from environmental awareness to diversity in boardrooms.

Step three: Finance fundamentals

Our finance fundamentals session will teach you everything you need to know about Board-level finance.

We’ll help you identify the key questions to ask at Board level and the appropriate manner to do so.

Step four: Building your unique NED offer

What can you bring to the table as an NED? In this part of the programme, you’ll learn how to position your skills and career experience.

Transpire’s experts will guide you through the process of building your experience into a unique NED offer. You’ll also get valuable advice and insights from a leading non-exec recruiter.

Step five: Create a board-ready CV

Use Transpire’s practical tools and templates to create a board-ready CV that gets you noticed.

You’ll learn how to clearly articulate your value and navigate your successful transition to Non-Executive Director, with support from established NEDs and experienced recruiters.

Step six: Join the Transpire Global NED register

To celebrate your graduation from Stepping Stones, you’ll receive a copy of Patrick Dunne’s seminal work Boards – a must-read for any Board director.

You’ll also get the opportunity to apply for admission to Transpire Global’s NED register, a globally acknowledged accreditation.


“The Stepping Stones speakers were brilliant. Every single one of them was so engaging. You often feel like you’re just being talked at in these situations, whereas this was a conversation.”


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