Benchmark Yourself as a NED!

Self-awareness is key to being a successful NED. Map your competencies and build a development pathway using a framework built by high-performing NEDs.

Our purpose-built diagnostic tool, designed with input from leading NEDs, builds self-awareness of the key competencies and associated knowledge and skills needed to excel in the board room. Results are captured in an easy-to-use report that you will review with your Transpire coach.

Use of the Toolkit is one of the three elements of our New Member Onboarding process, our “Annual MOT” process for established Members and for delegates on our Stepping Stones 1:1 and Stepping Stones Group programmes.

It is used in conjunction with your Board Career Plan and your Personal Development Pathway for the next 12 months and discussed in a 90 minute session with your Transpire Approved Coach.

“As an existing or aspiring NED, the opportunity to go through this annual “MOT” or benchmarking process is extremely valuable and worthwhile. Whatever stage of your board career journey you’re on the High Performing NED’s Toolkit © ™ is a unique and invaluable benchmarking and appraisal tool. The toolkit can also be deployed as part of a company or charity board skills audit or board evaluation process”

Aidan Lisser, Chapter Zero Board Member and Investment Trust NED

A diagnostic tool based on a competency framework developed specifically for Transpire, and focusing on the behaviors exhibited by top performing Board Members. Your Transpire Coach discusses the outputs from this benchmarking exercise with you, together with your Board Career Plan, to agree on a personal development pathway.