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8 questions non-executive directors need to ask before joining SPACs

Joining the board of a SPAC may seem tempting but what are the risks and what questions should you be asking?

Practical answers to ESG questions for Boards

“They are liars or they’re just stupid and they don’t know”. This is how Arnold Schwarzenegger described those who still believe that ‘going green’ is economically detrimental to a business or country in an interview with Radio 4 last week. California currently has a GDP of 3.3 trillion dollars, making it the largest economy in the US and the 5th largest economy in the world. As the former governor of California, Schwarzenegger played a pivotal role in achieving this whilst simultaneously promoting the state as a world leader in environmental legislation through the enforcement of strict environmental laws…

Four 2022 wellness predictions that non-executive directors need to know about

We looked at the key emerging trends non-executive directors (NEDs) need to keep in mind in 2022, particularly in relation to wellbeing.

The challenges for non-executive directors joining high-growth start-ups

Startups need the experience that non-executive directors offer, but the role and relationship is different from working with larger companies.


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