Supporting Your Board Career

Get ready for the boardroom with programmes that benefit your career and help you reach your goals as a Non-Executive Director.

Work with high-performing Board Members, experienced Faculty and accredited Coaches to confidently position yourself to serve on a Board, increase your efficacy as a NED, or expand your portfolio.

Build your Board Career Plan, access our unique High Performing Board Members’ Toolkit®, and 90 minutes of 1:1 planning support Coaching with an experienced NED and coach

Cost: £ 249 ex tax

One to One Coaching

Here at Transpire we believe there’s a board role out there for everyone. Join Stepping Stones 1:1 to work out yours

WHO would want YOU on THEIR Board?!?

Work with a Transpire expert Coach to identify and define your Non-Executive vision, identify your key strengths, craft your go to market plan, write a Board CV and collateral, and prepare your first interviews. We’ll also help you with concrete steps towards your role search, and to optimize your LinkedIn presence and Recruiters network.

7+ hours of 1:1 coaching with an Accredited Coach

Cost: on demand, starting at £3,000 ex tax 

"It’s been a pleasure working with Transpire, I’m very grateful for their valuable advice. I’m now much clearer on what my unique “NED offer” looks like and how my network can help me to market this offer. I'm now taking that offer to market, armed with a Board CV that captures my strategic capabilities, with some early successes to report already!"

Mike Collis - Global award-winning banking CEO, based between Malta and London
Work with your peers under expert leadership, to create a strategic and focused Non-Executive profile that showcases your skills and experiences, to build confidence, stand out and unlock opportunities.

20 accredited CPD hours

Cost: £ 999 inc tax – £249 deposit secures your place

Stepping Stones is accredited by the CPD Certification Service to
represent 20 hours of structured CPD

Stepping Stones is accredited by the CPD Certification Service to represent 20 hours of structured CPD

Stepping Stones

Make a successful transition to Non-Executive Director with Stepping Stones.

Stepping Stones – Group Programme gives you all the knowledge and insights you need to successfully move into a Non-Executive Director (NED) role. By the end of the program, you’ll understand what NED opportunities are right for you based on your experience and how to access them. Stepping Stones is accredited by the CPD Certification Service to represent 20 hours of structured CPD

Meet an established NED, typically one of our Faculty Leads. You’ll have the chance to tap into years of experience and find out how they’ve built a successful career.

Corporate governance is the structure of rules and processes used to manage a company. As a Board member, you’ll play a key role in influencing corporate governance.

This session will run through the basics of corporate governance, so you have a clear understanding of what’s involved. Our guest speakers will also bring you bang up to date with current governance issues, from environmental awareness to diversity in boardrooms.

Our finance fundamentals session will teach you everything you need to know about Board-level finance.

We’ll help you identify the key questions to ask at Board level and the appropriate manner to do so.

What can you bring to the table as an NED? In this part of the programme, you’ll learn how to position your skills and career experience.

Transpire’s experts will guide you through the process of building your experience into a unique NED offer. You’ll also get valuable advice and insights from a leading non-exec recruiter.

Use Transpire’s practical tools and templates to create a board-ready CV that gets you noticed.

You’ll learn how to clearly articulate your value and navigate your successful transition to Non-Executive Director, with support from established NEDs and experienced recruiters.

To celebrate your graduation from Stepping Stones, you’ll receive a copy of Patrick Dunne’s seminal work Boards – a must-read for any Board director.

You’ll also get the opportunity to apply for admission to Transpire Global’s NED register, a globally acknowledged accreditation.

“The Stepping Stones speakers were brilliant. Every single one of them was so engaging. You often feel like you’re just being talked at in these situations, whereas this was a conversation.”

“Stepping Stones was critical in helping me develop my board skills for NED roles. The depth of knowledge and experience within the Transpire Community that makes the programe so special, showed me how to apply the theory with real life examples and experience. When I took on the Chair role, I felt that I had the knowledge but even more importantly, I had the support network to back me up when I needed it.”

Marla Ubhi – Stepping Stones Alumna

Harness the power of connection and learning. Our private platform offers a range of networking and exclusive learning opportunities to empower and guide your Board journey. Transpire Connect offers you the opportunity to showcase your talents and network with your peers around the world on the critical issues facing Boards today in a trusted, safe environment under the “Chatham House Rule”.

Annual Subscription: £ 249 ex tax

“The Chief of Staff has grown in confidence and is now making a positive contribution to shape the Board meetings and the relationship with external stakeholders”

Senior Independent Director, UK NGO

Transpire and our Trusted Partners offer a range of services to optimise board effectiveness and performance to ensure your board is making great decisions every time, including:-

  • Board Benchmarking using the High Performing Board Member Toolkit © ™
  • Board Performance Audits to improve Board Dynamics
  • Board Recruitment to improve Diversity & Inclusion on the Board

Customizable to your precise needs

"I have completed updating the assessment tool which I found well laid out, intuitive and flexible."

Alok Juyal - Global Head of Finance Hewlett Packard

“Transpire did an amazing job to recruit much-needed diversity to our Advisory Board”

Chief Strategy Officer, Middle East based global power services Group

A diagnostic tool based on a competency framework developed specifically for Transpire, and focusing on the behaviors exhibited by top performing Board Members. Your Transpire Coach discusses the outputs from this benchmarking exercise with you, together with your Board Career Plan, to agree on a personal development pathway.